Website Move

Hello Everyone,

Nearing the End of September we shall no longer be using the old website. Instead we will be moving to a new domain The new website is currently being updated and shall be completed soon.

Unfortunately the new site will not have a forum as there has been limited forum activity from active student members; therefore it is more practical to focus on using the site as a blog/ announcement page. Discussion is much more active on the Facebook group page on and we highly encourage you keep up to date with this group as we do not always have time to update every page.

We hope you like the new page and encourage you to email with any questions or concerns.


Baka Executive


Hello everyone,

We’ll be starting a new year very soon and I have a few exciting announcements to make.

First off this year we’ll be giving out newly designed business cards at clubs fair, I’ll post the images as soon as they are finalized, but they have all out contact info and a snappy Kaia image on them.

Second order of business we are going to change the meeting structure, the days of watching anime for hours is long in the past and we need something more fun and engaging to keep the club fresh and new. Instead of weekly marathoning anime, we will be trying out different activities along with watching a few episodes each week.
There will be re-dubbing of animes, guessing the content of a show based purely on an AMV, anime themed game nights, contests and prizes, themed nights where we show off the best and worst anime we’ve ever seen, nostalgia nights and much much more

The first meeting will consist of cards against humanity ANIME STYLE

how it’s going to work: we will be building an entirely new deck of cards based on your suggestions, we’ll need characters, voice actors, tropes, themes and much more

Don’t know what it is? check it out here:

I’m sure you can all come up with a TON of great cards and it’ll be hilarious to play~

Of course we’ll also show some anime/ amv’s as we’re doing this for background noise, or we can just tune into a Japanese radio.

Let me know what YOU want

I’m very excited to start running the NEW Baka meetings!

Out of Country

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: I will be out of country for a week starting August 22nd
please direct all queries to Petar or Kyle while I am gone

please keep preparing for clubs fair and hopefully get the art for the banner done in time for September. TV ads shall be submitted before I leave, Poster jobs and business cards will be submitted before I come back.

If you have any concerns please voice them now to

Spring Meetings Update

For the Spring meetings we have a NEW building and a NEW ROOM!!! ECHA 2 150 April 29th, May 6th, 13th, 27th, June 3rd, 10th

This means we are by the Health Sciences/ Jubilee station now in the rainbow coloured building across from the U of A hospital, NOT the Education building

March 2013

March is movie Madness month!!!

We have two Madoka movies showing at South Edmonton Common. The first half is on the 14th and the second is on the 20th, both at 7:30 pm.

Free movies on campus as Princess Monoke and Oblivion Island, both can be found in ECHA L1 220 (same area Swapcon was in)

Our room had moved, for the rest of the year it will be in Education building N 2-135.

We have a facebook group for the Baka reunion, it is
As always shoot me a message if there is anything you’d like to talk about  at

Quick update

Things to keep in Mind: In approximately 2 weeks on Wednesday February 27th at 6:30 there will be a reunion meeting, room is TBA

Hex lounge Kareoke fun times on February 23rd at 6:00pm, you can join here:

Quick 2013 Update

Hello all,

First off we have started planning meetings again on Monday’s at 2pm so feel free to drop in and have your say!

The office is open again! A few of us are watching Evangelion on weekdays and you are free to join us. We also engage in discussion and other fun stuff so feel free to check it out ;D

Next in February we have a potluck on the 7th and Swapcon 5 on the 9th. Be sure to contact early if you want a table or to host an event!

That’s all for now!


November updates

Time for your Baka November Update!!! Events for November besides our regular Monday meetings include:

-Cosplay bowling! Likely to be held on November 17 (or November 10th, please vote in our group poll or on the forums) we will likely meet at West Edmonton mall in costume and have some fun bowling! After this we can go do some more group activities (mini golf, eating food, etc) or sit around and chat! Come out for some fun!

-Movie Night Paprika! Thursday November 22, the event can be found here to RSVP

-Swapcon, Saturday November 24th, Clear out your closets bring all your stuff, buy, sell or trade your geeky paraphernalia watch anime, FOR FREE Awesome event on the U of A campus

We will be doing a dinner in December on either the 6th or the 7th, voting will occur soon and then we will decide on where we will go eat!

As always if you have any concerns please contact me!

October Update

Okay so an update to what’s going on:

October 13th we are having a BBQ/ costume picnic fundraiser for the dance, I need help with this so please please please message me asap and let me know if you can help with this!!! I can’t do this alone!!! and it will be fun :)

Next item on the list we have the hallway/atrium of the first floor of Chemistry East reserved for our group for October 15th, 18th, and 19th for a Bake Sale to fund raise. Please let me know if you can help man the booth, bake for it or support us in any other way.

Remember the dance is on October 27th from 7pm – 1am, it’ll be a lot of fun and tickets are on sale now! You can buy them at the info link booths on campus or you can buy them online or from the BAKA office. Tickets are $10 dollars or 2 for $15. Tickets at the door are $12, so buy them now and save money!

Finally the next executive meeting is on October 15th at 2pm and will be held in SUB basement in the conference room. If you would like to attend and have your opinion heard please feel free to come. If you cannot make it you can e-mail/ message me and I will try to address your concern.

New website

Hello everyone and Welcome to the new Baka Webpage! We are currently working on getting all the info updated, learning the new site and making things look great!

Meetings are on Mondays in Education N 115 from 6-9!
Any concerns or ideas just use the handy contact form found under the contact us tab!