November updates

Time for your Baka November Update!!! Events for November besides our regular Monday meetings include:

-Cosplay bowling! Likely to be held on November 17 (or November 10th, please vote in our group poll or on the forums) we will likely meet at West Edmonton mall in costume and have some fun bowling! After this we can go do some more group activities (mini golf, eating food, etc) or sit around and chat! Come out for some fun!

-Movie Night Paprika! Thursday November 22, the event can be found here to RSVP

-Swapcon, Saturday November 24th, Clear out your closets bring all your stuff, buy, sell or trade your geeky paraphernalia watch anime, FOR FREE Awesome event on the U of A campus

We will be doing a dinner in December on either the 6th or the 7th, voting will occur soon and then we will decide on where we will go eat!

As always if you have any concerns please contact me!