About Us

Who is BAKA?
The Banzai Anime Klub of Alberta (BAKA) is the offical University of Alberta Japanese Animation Club. We hold weekly meetings on Monday night where we show the best animated television and direct-to-video productions Japan has to offer (if not the best, then the best you’ve never heard of). BAKA has a library of fan-subtitled anime and manga available for members. We also support and take part in Japanese cultural activities, and we hold regular events that expose members to various forms of artistic and cultural expression throughout Edmonton. BAKA has been in existence since September, 1990, and is currently 50+ members strong (it’s hard to count faces in the dark). ¬†What is anime?
Anime (ah-nih-meh) is the term most often used to describe Japanese animation. By Japanese animation, we refer to shows made for Japanese audience, not by American productions animated in Japan. Anime has a very distinct style, well-known by the large eyes and small, simplistic features. The attraction of this style is that by using a simpler style, the characters can symbolize a greater number of people, and thus people can more easily identify the characters with themselves or people they know, bringing the reader ‘into the story’. The style was introduced by a man named Osamu Tezuka in the late 40′s, based on the character designs of Disney cartoons, such as Mickey Mouse. Through his instant popularity, his style was spawned off in countless ways, and formed a style of art which combined a compelling art style with the Japanese frame of mind. This style of artwork is what you see in Japanese anime (animation) and manga(comics). The word anime, oddly enough, is actually a transliteration of the french term for animation.Japanese animation has made huge steps in the last fifty years. Due to the expense of producing live-action movies and television shows in Japan, A large portion of shows on television in Japan are animated. Because of this, anime has developed in ways nowhere else on Earth. Anime exists of every genre one could think of. From children’s shows and romantic comedies, to science-fiction, action, and complex political thrillers, animation as an art form has spread through all genres of the Japanese media.

Where can I find BAKA?
Directions to BAKA Meetings: Here
BAKA’s office can be found in the basement of the Student’s Union Building (SUB) of the University of Alberta. There are scheduled library times where members can come and return or take out tapes from the club library , as well as general office times when Executive and Staff are occupying the office. Odds are they could be watching something so stop on by! (To find our office, follow the wails of the damned, the smell of shame, or, the door-sign 40-H.)

How do I join?
BAKA memberships are available at the meetings, Mondays at Education North 2-115 (the building south of the bus station with the huge mural on the wall). You can also get a membership with special arrangement with one of the executive at the office if meetings are unreachable. Membership is $10/year.¬†This allows you access to all meetings, events, and to the library, and to hang out at the BAKA office. Interested? Join us at a meeting as a guest, or come talk to one of the members at the office! If you’re interested in anime and manga, the Banzai Anime Klub of Alberta is where to be!


About the logo
The original logo was designed by Daniel Ross and Nathan Palovcik, based on the NERV logo from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is a simple, easily recognizable logo with links to anime as well as to Canada. In a contest on the Anime Web Turnpike, The BAKA logo was voted second place by fans out of all North American club logos!

Recently, due to changing times, a metaphorical changing of the guards, and the fact that Gainax updated their logo for their NEW Neon Genesis Evangelion movies, so have we.
Has the new logo improved the old? You the Viewers decide!
(Oh and you can’t use our old logo, as we are still using it, it’s on all our stationary, and we’ll plaster it and the new one as needed)


As for our mighty club mascot KAIA, artwork on this site is courtesy of her creator, Carrie O’Kaye, Daniel Ross and fan artists. Now, thanks to a new webhost, we can add new art with relative impunity. So fire it off to us, in our artists section, in the forums.