Our Mascot Kaia

Our mighty club mascot KAIA, artwork on this site is courtesy of her creator, Carrie O’Kaye, Daniel Ross and fan artists.

Many an artist has drawn her, some have even come to falsely claim her for themselves, yet she endures such malcontented gestures with the patience only a non-speaking anime club mascot can have, but I digress…

Being BAKA’s mascot, we’d like more art of her done so’s we can post it on this here website. Such new artwork will go into the BAKA Artwork section on the left. The older work shall remain here, in the Olde Gallery.

Wait… you don’t know what she looks like so you can’t draw her? Hrmm… lesse here.


Age: We’ll say 21-ish. A lady never gives her true age~
Height: 5’8″
Weight: *SMACK*(130 lbs.)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Occupation: BAKA’s mascot, inter-club/con’ diplomat
Nicknames: Wings, Red, Hammer of Loki
Translation: Scandinavian pet form of Katherine. It could also be derived from Old Norse kaða meaning “hen”.
Favorite Color: Partial to red, white, and purple.
Favorite Song: Freedom Wild – Nick Mansell
Favorite Food: Buttercookie buns and ramune~
Blood Type : A+
Birthday : September 26th
Sun Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Weapons: Giant Mallet
Likes: Anime, bishonen
Dislikes: arrogance, indecency, stupidity

Height, weight, proportions, those we leave to you, the artist. We don’t own her, so how could we chain you to our imaginations. Make her a pirate, put her in jeans, have her fight Santa. Whatever your imaginations can conceive, your fingers can press into the canvas, that pays at least lip service to the attributes, we shall post.