Vlad Pohnert

According to Vlad, he is the founder of our club. Through his dark machinations he successfully subverted the old UofA Animation Club and assimilated it into the glory that is the Bazai Anime Club of Alberta. However, considering Vlad also claims to have helped found Animethon, then saved it repeatedly, as well as other cons… we’re not entirely sure.

However he is the current Emperor of Anime in Alberta, and has been involved in the community for decades. He is an AMV God, responsible for maintaining various AMV servers as well as producing some of the greatest AMVs ever made by man.

He has also been the leader of ASAPA, on and off, since it’s creation and served as the Anime Clubs nemesis. As Victor Vargas put it, “We might as well accept his claims that he’s a member for life. After all, he is our greatest nemesis and should be recognized for it.”