Awards of Legend

Want to recognize someone’s contribution to BAKA over the years? Now’s your chance! With every pre-registration ticket, you can nominate someone for a reward. Everyone nominated for an award will be put onto a ballot for the vote at the reunion. Of course in order to win the award you need to show up to the reunion :)

Anyone you nominate for the reunion through pre-reg will be posted on Facebook and the BAKA Website on a by-weekly basis.

If you are nominated for a reward, I will make my best effort to try to contact you. If you wish to decline the nomination because you don’t want the award or you don’t think you can come to the event, you can do so at any time.

Also, while a person can be nominated for every award, they can only win one award. In the unlikely event that someone wins two or more awards, the award they recieved the most votes for will be the one they’ll win while the runner ups shall win the awards for the other contests. In the really unlikely event that they are tied in more than one vote, the winner will get to choose which award they want.

In the event of a tie in an a catagory, the winner will be determined by audience applause.

Baka’s Greatest Hero: To be awarded to a member who, in BAKA’s history either saved the club from a great evil or provided exemplary service or greatly helped the community as a whole.

Most Evil Member: The most evil member in BAKA’s history. A person who’s trolling abilities, Machiavellian plans, and elaborate deceptions were so legendary they deserve recognition. Should be awarded for diabolical evil as opposed to malicious evil.

Most Successful: To the person who has managed to rise above the pack and become the most successful member in BAKA history. Wealth and fortune can be considered, however some consideration should be given to if they’ve managed to achieve their own dream, success in their respective fields, and found love.

Funniest Member: To the person who has made us laugh hardest throughout the years and brought joy to everyone.