Award Nominations

Alright everyone, based on the first 3 tickets we’ve sold for to the reunion, here are our current nominees.

Remember if you do not want the award for whatever reason and would like your name removed from the nominee list, just let me know. Also, if you don’t see the name of someone who you think should be there, remember you can simply purchase a ticket at and submit your choices for nomination.”

Even if you already see the name of someone you wanted to nominate, feel free to nominate them again and leave another comment on why they deserve this award. (Blatantly insulting comments will not be posted)


BAKA’s Greatest Hero

Tara Jorgensen: “With the state the club was in, no one would have blamed her if she let the club die. Without her efforts the club wouldn’t be here.”

Mark Nguyen: “President of Baka, Chair of Animethon, Founding member of and ASAPA, and the 404s. Mark has built the community we enjoy today.”

Vlad G Pohnert: “Vlad founded the club.”

BAKA’s Most Evil Member

Vlad G Pohnert: “Anyone who has stayed with ASAPA this long has to be evil.” and “The man does what needs to be done to keep our community safe without showing any mercy”

Steve: “Anyone who has the balls to cosplay as the pope deserves to win most evil.”

BAKA’s Funniest Member

Ian Horner: “This man is a triple threat of comedy gold. His ability to do impressions, improv, and art make him my choice for funniest member.”

Mark Ngyuen: “Mark has a brand of humor that is rare in this day and age. He’s able to be funny yet clean like Danny Tanner, but doesn’t fall into the dark side that is Bob Saget.”

Victor Vargas: “Everything this man creates turns into comedy gold.”

BAKA’s Most Successful Member

Elijah van der Giessen: “This man has worked with productions like ‘Canadian Idol’. He’s living the dream.”

Mark Ngyuen: “Mark has managed to take The 404s and turn it into a continent wide phenomenon while managing a family.”

Victor Vargas: “Part of determining who’s the most successful of us should be to look at how far a man has come. Victor used to be the creepy guy that hung outside of meetings, now look at him.”